Customer Location: Switzerland, Europe

Requirements: Need to design a solar optimizer through which multiple solar panels can be placed in series or parallel with maximum power utilization. The individual output of any connected panel can be controlled through a central communication hub. If any panel has any kind of fault, then it will be isolated automatically without changing any wiring or manual operation.


  • Solar Optimizer monitors and provides a maximum power output of solar panels. Also, In auto mode, it controls the maximum power output of the panel through the MPPT algorithm. The optimizer’s voltage and current can be controlled through the central hub’s algorithm or user command. The panel will disconnect itself from the series connection panel on detection of a fault or can’t produce enough power without manual efforts.
  • Optimizer gateway is a central monitoring and control system for a series-connected solar system. The system can be controlled through an external control system or user through LORA or RS485 communication. Users can see historical data with fault logging anytime using the gateway.

Service Provided

Firmware Development

  • Board bring up and drivers development for balancing ICs
  • MPPT algorithm in the optimizer
  • Optimizers can be used to charge batteries as well.
  • Communication protocol development and documentation
  • Low power management in existing boards.

Hardware designing

  • Research for buck-boost converter with up to 0.01V controlling
  • Component selection and Schematic entry of the board
  • PCB and Layout designing
  • Board bring and validation of the hardware.
  • CE certification support.

Software designing

  • LORA server configuration and demonstration.
  • Basic hardware test application through RS485 protocol.


  • Output voltage changes with 0.1v precision in a different range of input voltage.
  • Series solar panels management.
  • Typical PCB dimension with respect to electronics and mechanical enclosure design.
  • Automatic fault detection and safely bypass any panel.
Technology Used for LoRaWAN Based Solar Optimizer
  • Buck boost converter, LORA, RS485, Powerline communication.
Industry Application