Micro Inverter

Micro Inverter

Customer Location: Switzerland, Europe

Requirements: The customer was looking to build a 600W micro inverter for solar panels that can be connected to the grid. Microinverters must be designed with panel and control system protection, whether connected in series or in parallel.


Designed Solar micro inverter with TI DSP microcontroller to generate pure AC signal from solar panel DC power. For inverters, we used a bipolar PWM switching mechanism. The inverter is protected against overvoltage, low solar input, short circuit, and isolation.

Electrobit is an expert in the development of a high-efficiency solar inverter and has offered the complete solution.



    Service Provided

    Firmware Development

    • Board bring up
    • PID algorithm to control the output of the inverter
    • Protection logic.
    • Communication protocol betwethe en gateway and inverter
    • Historical energy measurement.

    Hardware designing

    • Research for a boost converter up to 500V to generate an AC signal
    • Component selection and schematic entry of the board
    • PCB and Layout designing
    • The board brings validation of the hardware.
    • CE certification support.


    • Pure sine wave AC signal generation.
    • Series solar panel management with different seasons and time.
    • Typical PCB dimension with respect to electronics and mechanical enclosure design
    • Automatic fault detection and safe bypass of any panel.

    Technology Used for Micro Inverter

    Boost converter, CAN, RS485

    Industry Application

    Automobile and Solar power systems.

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