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Electrobit bridges the gap from electronics design to thriving IoT products. We guide you every step, from circuits to connections, for a seamless journey to market.

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Ready to turn your brilliant idea into a seamless reality? Skip production headaches and let our expert firmware developers bridge the gap from design to market. Partner with us for full manufacturing support, including partner selection, documentation, testing, and continuous feedback – your one-stop shop for a thriving product launch. Contact us today and let’s get started!

Embedded Firmware Developer

As an embedded firmware developer we offer comprehensive firmware development services that include Bare Metal Firmware development, BSP Programming, RTOS, Embedded …

Hardware Design & Development

We provide end-to-end electronics design and development services to our customers, including concept creation, analog and digital board design, PCB layout, 3D PCB simulations, test jig design, and pre-compliance testing.

Software Engineering

Our team has been immersed in software development and integration with years of experience. We provide full-stack software development to build IoT-based Mobile & Web applications for our customers to meet the challenges of constant product innovation…

Manufacturing Support

Electrobit Technology has been dedicated to providing value-added Electronics Manufacturing services for years, including PCB fabrication, SMT Assembly, Box Building, PCB Testing & Validation for small and large production runs for our customers…

Expert Embedded Firmware Developer

Electronics Manufacturing

Here are some of the services that are incorporated in the manufacturing support, or as we like to call it

  • Assessing the manufacturing associate technical abilities
  • Design of test tools (ICT, FCT fixtures)
  • Structure of Firmware gleaming jigs
  • Trial firmware and software development for computerized PCB tests
  • Readying production documentation and manuals

  • Design/BOM assessment and optimization for costs & Manufacturing
  • Strengthening production test

  • Validation processes

Embedded design services

From Concept to Creation


Do you have an idea for an intelligent device or gadget that pushes the boundaries of technology? Our Embedded Design Services can help turn your concept into a tangible prototype.


Our analysis step is fundamental to your embedded system design project. We provide comprehensive analysis services that convert your vision into a blueprint for success.


We bring your visionary concepts to life with our embedded design services. Our expert team guides you through every step, from conception to realization, to develop cutting-edge systems.

Prototype & Test

Prototype & Test is a crucial stage where your concept becomes a tangible product. Test your design to identify and rectify any issues before mass production.


The Certify step ensures that your embedded system design meets safety, security, and performance standards. It’s crucial to guarantee reliability and intended functionality.


Transform your prototype into a mass-produced success story with our expert production services. We guide your design through manufacturing intricacies for a smooth transition and efficient time-to-market.

Our recent projects & some case studies

Embedded Product Designed
Board Manufactured & Assembled
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