Customer Location: California, USA

Requirements: The customer certainly wants a grocery management system for a smart kitchen. Additionally, they want to check live grocery status on mobile. Also, mobile applications should generate a weekly shopping list based on preconfigured weekly requirements of any product. Pantry On system also helps to provide category-wise expense management.

Solution: Indeed as an expert, we design a product based on the load cell, which measures the weight of the item placed over it. Multiple weight sensors can be connected to the hub via RS485 communications and report the current status to AWS-based cloud servers.

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Service Provided

  • Scale and hub design and development: PCB design, prototyping, BOM analysis, CE certification
  • Firmware development:
    BSP, application development, device management, and diagnostics
  • Cloud-based remote diagnostics and device management
    FOTA updates, Basic server management.
  • End-to-end security across communication, data/user management.
  • 25K quantity production support.


  • Stable weight measurement when the load is present constantly on load cells.
  • Device-server connection security
  • Battery life management with precise weight measurement
Technology Used
  • ESP32, RS485, Load cell sensors, AWS cloud connectivity.
Industry Application
  • Consumer Electronics, House Holds Management