The aim of the Commercial Oven project was to modernize the oven machine controller by improving its communication capabilities and integrating advanced features. The customer wanted to simplify wire connections, enable remote firmware upgrades via USB, and include wireless radio communication and IoT connectivity to AWS servers.

The Challenge: Streamlining Complexity and Embracing Innovation

The primary objectives of the project were:

  • Reduced wiring complexity: Eliminate the need for a tangled mess of wires.
  • Remote firmware upgrades: Enable convenient updates via USB, streamlining maintenance.
  • Wireless communication: Integrate radio and WiFi connectivity for improved data transfer.
  • IoT and Cloud connectivity: Bridge the gap to AWS servers for advanced data management.

Electrobit Technology: Engineering a Pioneering Solution

We rose to the challenge by crafting a state-of-the-art solution built on robust Hardware and Firmware development principles. Our creation? A sophisticated board equipped with:

  • WiFi and radio communication: Enabling seamless data exchange.
  • Ethernet capabilities: Facilitating board-to-board communication.
  • Unified user interface and machine controller: Streamlining operation and control.

The board leverages the powerful ESP32 chip, unlocking seamless IoT integration with AWS servers. This empowers efficient data communication and remote monitoring.

A Comprehensive Approach: From Hardware Design to Board Bring-Up

Our Hardware development journey encompassed:

  • Schematic design: Laying the groundwork for the circuit.
  • Component selection: Choosing the optimal parts for performance and reliability.
  • PCB layout: Designing the physical structure of the board.
  • Prototyping: Building functional models for testing and refinement.
  • BOM analysis: Optimizing the Bill of Materials for cost-effectiveness.

Firmware development played a crucial role as well. We tackled:

  • Driver development: Creating software interfaces for all onboard components.
  • Application layer creation: Building the core functionality of the system.
  • Device control: Enabling precise control of oven operations.
  • Diagnostics: Implementing tools for monitoring system health.
  • USB firmware upgrades: Introducing a user-friendly mechanism for updates.

Overcoming Obstacles: A Testament to Expertise

The project presented several challenges for our Hardware and Firmware development team, including:

  • Implementation of a reliable USB firmware upgrade mechanism
  • Successful board bring-up and debugging of all functionalities
  • Establishing robust and interference-free Ethernet and radio communication
  • Effective integration of external SDRAM memory

Through meticulous attention to detail and expert problem-solving, we successfully navigated these hurdles.

A Technological Powerhouse: Unlocking New Possibilities

The following technologies were instrumental in this project’s success:

  • USB-FS: For diagnostics and firmware upgrades.
  • WiFi and radio communication: Across various frequencies for versatile data transfer.
  • Ethernet connectivity: For seamless inter-board communication.
  • TFT touchscreen display: Delivering an intuitive user interface.
  • External memory support: Including SDRAM and NOR Flash for data storage.
  • ESP32 chip: Enabling powerful IoT capabilities.
  • IO expanders: Increasing available GPIO pins for additional functionalities.
  • Integration of analog sensors and digital GPIO control: Providing granular control and data acquisition.

A Future-Proof Solution: Setting New Standards

Electrobit Technology’s commitment to Hardware and Firmware development has redefined the capabilities of commercial oven machine controllers. By embracing modern communication technologies and IoT connectivity, we’ve delivered a versatile, efficient, and future-proof solution for our clients. This project exemplifies our dedication to overcoming technical challenges and providing comprehensive services from concept to realization.