LTE Based Pulse Meter

LTE Based Pulse Meter

Customer Location: Florida, USA

Requirements: A customer wants to design a battery-driven board that can measure pulses from the energy sensors and provides calculated pulses to the server on a regular basis according to configured time. The device’s battery needs to last for a minimum of 10 years with precise pulse counting.​

Solution: We’ve provided support for Hardware designing, Firmware development, server management, and the project’s web portal. We designed STM32L based hardware with power-controlled peripherals to protect battery life. Firmware was developed with accurate pulse counting with battery efficient mechanism. Firmware was written in a flexible manner which supported different LTE modems with production configurations. FOTA supports STM32L and LTE modem with a selected audience.

We’ve helped with advanced technology and excellent customer support and services to achieve the client’s goals. 



    Service Provided

    for LTE Based Pulse Meter

    Firmware Development
    • Low power management in existing boards.
    • FOTA of microcontroller and LTE module
    • Precise pulse counting in low power mode
    Hardware designing
    • Redesigning hardware with BOM cost optimization
    • Hardware power consumption optimization
    Software designing
    • AWS server management
    • Customer web portal designing with Angular
    • Raw data display page for debugging
    • FOTA device management


    • 10 Years battery life achievement.
    • BOM cost optimization in hardware redesign.
    • FOTA within 1 minute maximum time.

    Technology Used

    for LTE Based Pulse Meter

    LTE modem, STM32L, Altium, Agile, Low Power management.

    Industry Application

    Energy Monitoring & Analysis, Data Acquisition Over LTE.

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