Hardware Design & Development

Our design services are characterized by dependability and are comprehensive, ranging from conceptualization to the final product. Expertise and widespread experience across both, digital and analog electronics demark our services. We are your preferred point of contact to review existing designs to create fully customized circuit designs. Our capabilities cover the top processors, sensor interface and digital conditioning, data acquisition, tools for digital communication and wireless communication.

Our Hardware Engineering Capabilities

  • PCB design (up to 22 multilayer, high speed, rigid flex)
  • PCB Components selection and schematics capture
  • Layout, Analysis & Gerber creation
  • Analog and digital electronics design
  • Prototype
  • Circuit simulation
  • Bill of materials optimization
  • In-house pre-compliance testing
  • 3D printing of assembly parts
  • Power Optimization & design
  • Concept

Our Hardware Development Approch

Our Expertise in low power battery operated IoT hardware developments

  • Hardware board design services with low power multi-core, multi-processor architectures across the various Silicon chipsets like STM, NXP, TI, Panasonic, Broadcom, Marvel, Microchip & Atmel
  • Low-power board designs for wearable device, handheld and portable devices for battery life cycle expected around 5 to 10 Years
  • Design optimization for compact form factor hardware footprint
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI)
  • Blind and buried micro vias
  • Rigid Flex and Flex PCBs