Aux Meter Device

Aux Meter Device

(3-phase Energy Meter Device with LoRaWAN connectivity)

Customer Location: Switzerland, Europe

Requirements:  The customer was looking to build Aux-Meter an add-on device for the Battery management system. Aux-Meter is a three-phase energy meter with LORA connectivity, PT100/1000 temperature sensor, Humidity sensor and AC power switch up to 20 Amp of load. It will be used to measure accurate energy from the grid system through current sensors and send the energy data to the master controller which has LORA and WLAN connectivity. Aux-Meter is powered through AC main supply, which would be supported up to 110 to 230 volts with less power consumption.

Solution: Electrobit has designed system i.e., Aux Meter device (HEAM Device) built on STM32L4 microcontroller to measure the energy (including voltage and current) with LORA wireless connectivity. The device’s key feature was energy measurement, and we achieved reliable and > 95% accurate energy measurement with all types of loads. The device includes power switching based on remote command via LORA or time-based scheduling to control power via relay. The device also has a humidity and temperature sensor, as well as a fail-safe mechanism.



    Service Provided for Aux Meter Device

    Firmware Design & Development

    • Firmware Architecture design
    • Board bring up
    • LORA connectivity
    • Temperature and Humidity sensor measurement
    • Energy measurement algorithm
    • Switching based power through remote command or Scheduled time logic

    Hardware designing

    • Component selection with optimum BOM cost analysis
    • Schematic & PCB Layout designing
    • Board designing and Hardware bring up

    Test Environment Development

    • Board testing automated script
    • Basic functionality system test


    • Achieved Precise Energy Measurement > 95%
    • Achieved LoRAWAN Communication range up to 1KM
    • Compact Hardware Design

    Technology used for Aux Meter Device:

    Hall Effect, LoRaWAN, RS485, TCP/IP

    Industry Tagline:

    Power Electronics, Smart Energy Measurement

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